What Is The Ideal Investment?

If you could find the ideal investment, or that perfect asset, what would it look like? Rather than chasing investments or assets, we recommend you undertake this as a serious exercise and ask yourself, “What would the Ideal Investment or the Perfect Asset look like?”  Here is a checklist to help you in your search. What would you add to this list?

High Rate Return

The market value of the investment would increase significantly overtime. Consistent Predictable Rate of Return throughout the life of the investment.


The perfect asset would have strong, time-tested guarantees by strong, reputable institutions who have been in existence for at least more than a century.

Inflation Protection

This is similar to “no market volatility.” Just as the investor wouldn’t want this hypothetical asset to drop when the stock market crashes, on the other hand we want our perfect investment to increase in value to keep pace with price inflation.


If desired, the owner should be able to easily transfer ownership of the ideal investment to someone else.


The ideal investment would be guaranteed to provide for your family and loved ones, even if you became disabled or died, thereby guaranteeing that your family would be provided with all the benefits of the investment regardless of what happens?

Conservative (Safe)

The value of the ideal investment only increases: As the value of the investment increases, it can’t go down, unless you purposely draw it down or spend it.

Tax Benefit (Tax Safe)

 The growth of the ideal investment would be free of all state and federal taxes and would allow income tax free distributions at retirement.

Yields Income Besides Capital Gains

The ideal investment would provide a cashflow over time, beyond its simple increase in market value.

Easy to Manage

There shouldn’t be a long “learning curve” to figure out how to make decisions with the perfect investment.

Off The Table

 What if this asset would not be counted for many government sponsored benefits (such as scholarships and college funding) and was therefore “off the table”?


It’s one thing to know that your investment is “worth” a certain amount of money, but it’s another to be able to convert that asset into dollars whenever you want. A liquid asset can be sold or converted to cash very easily and quickly and at any time.

Tax Free Contributions

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get true tax deductions (not just a tax deferral) for contributing to this perfect investment year over year?

Creditor Protected

 If the owner of the ideal
investment got into trouble elsewhere, and owed outsiders more than he could pay them, these creditors would not be able to seize his “perfect investment” thereby protecting you from frivolous lawsuits (That’s part of what makes it perfect.)

No Hidden Fees or Penalties

All fees and expenses should be identified up front with no additional transaction fees or management fees, to avoid being surprised by money management firms taking money off the top.


What if this asset could be easily collateralized, meaning you could borrow against the asset without ever touching the underlying growth of the asset, in much the same way as you can collateralize Real Estate without disrupting the appreciation of the property?


Control is related to liquidity.
In order to get perceived tax advantages, people often have investments over which they have little or no control, or their money is trapped in assets that can’t readily be accessed. The ideal investment would not be locked up behind onerous penalties or penalized for “early withdrawal.”

No Market Volatility

When other assets have a bad year, the “ideal investment” would still have a predictable, guaranteed increase.  It would not be tied to the performance of any market, especially the roller coaster ride of the stock or Real Estate markets. 

Credit Rating Enhancement

What if this asset actually increased the owner’s credit score, so, the longer you had it and the more you used it the better your credit score.


You wouldn’t be getting 1099s every year explaining the performance of your investment and otherwise notifying others about your private affairs.

Other Asset Enhancement

What if the very existence of this asset could make all of your other assets more spendable at retirement?  Meaning, you could retire earlier or have more spendable income in retirement.

What If… the Ideal Investment or the Perfect Asset wasn’t an investment at all? All of these attributes and more, have existed for well over a hundred years, yes, they currently exist. But they do not belong to an investment at all.  They are available through a properly structured and implemented dividend-paying Whole Life insurance contract from a Mutual Insurance Company! Surprised? Doesn’t sound like the worst place to hold your money as the talking heads and investment advisors are prone to espouse now does it?

Now, what if there were ways to USE these whole life policies to increase your net worth, increase your benefits, reduce your risk, which could then maximize your retirement income?  And for some of you, we can do it without taking any money out of your pocket!

That’s what Replace Your Banker™ is all about.