Our approach

Our approach is unique

Your wealth journey is analogous to climbing a mountain. Inexperienced climbers assume the goal is to get to the top of the mountain. Experienced climbers however, understand that getting to the top of the mountain is only half the battle. Getting safely back down the mountain is actually a greater challenge than simply getting to the top. Likewise getting safely down your retirement mountain is a challenge for which we are uniquely qualified and skilled at helping. What’s the biggest single worry of retirees and soon to be retirees? Running out of money. And, truth be told, getting to the top of the mountain without the tools necessary to get you down the mountain safely is why so many retirees run out of money. We can help!

Regardless of where you are in this journey up your retirement mountain, our process can help you. We begin by getting a big-picture view of your financial life, much as if we were evaluating the financial health of a business… because after all, you ARE running the most important business in the world—your family’s financial business.

Regardless of where you are in this journey up your mountain, our process can help you

Our Process

If we have learned anything these past few years, it is that conventional wisdom is often terribly mis-guided and frankly wrong. This is especially true in world of “Financial Planning”. In fact, it is safe to say Financial Planning has Failed (ask us how to get a copy of the book by a friend of ours Kim D.H. Butler). Walking out of the office of a Certified Financial Planner CFP® whether a fee-based planner who tells you he/she will act as a fiduciary on your behalf or a commission-based planner with a written financial plan, the results are the same. As soon as you walk out their door, your ‘plan’ is obsolete. Why? because there approach is to expect you to take risk by investing your money in markets you neither own, nor control, and doing so in an environment full of taxes, penalties, inflation, and life’s little interruptions such as health, Covid or a myriad of other detours that you also can’t control either. Our experience has taught us you face all kinds of risk that investing alone cannot address and we have learned that helping you avoid the losses, is far more beneficial and productive to you that trying to pick the winners and losers and chasing rates of returns in markets you know very little about.

What Are The Steps?

First, we will give you a basic understanding of the most profitable wealth creation, management and money utilization system ever devised by man. It is a system that goes back literally thousands of years and is still responsible for the bulk of the world’s wealth creation—that of banking. So, we will teach you first to “think like a banker”. Why? Banking is the oldest and arguably the most profitable business model of all history.

Banking incorporates all the financial tools and strategies to enable its owners to profit handsomely from the leverage of employing “Other People’s Money” (OPM). Until now you, have unknowingly and unnecessarily provided the capital for YOUR BANKERS to thrive, while you got paid a pittance (defined as a ‘very small or inadequate amount of money paid to someone as an allowance or wage”).

You see, the financial institutions have very effectively convinced you that not only is your cash worth close to nothing, but in order to put money aside for your golden years, you have to learn to invest. It would actually be more accurate to say they want you to believe that it is best to let THEM do the investing for you. After all, they want you to think you are too dumb, too lazy to understand the levers and mechanisms of wealth—what an unnecessary travesty! Small wonder these institutions make billions each year while you unknowingly and unnecessarily provide the “Other People’s Money” (OPM), necessary THEY use to create wealth for themselves!

Next, once you have a better grasp on the financial environment in which you are earning, spending and preparing for retirement we will turn to your specific financial situation—your wants, your desires and your needs. To proceed, you will be asked to complete a Confidential Financial Questionnaire (CFQ) which is designed to help you organize your financial data to give us a macro-economic view of your individual financial world. Armed with this information, we can ensure the best use of our time together as we explore and discuss strategies appropriate to your unique situation.

By understanding how you receive your Income as well as how you cover your Expenses, how your Assets are being taxes and how you cover your Liabilities to see how cash flows through your personal economic system and with you, we explore your savings to discuss the pros and cons of various retirement strategies—those you know about and those you have never heard of.

Our Discovery:
“Typical Financial Planning is Broken!”

We learned early in our career that the typical financial planning environment is too constrictive and limiting. Clients are sold a “one size fits all” financial plan that actually makes their money less efficient while putting investors at risk of potential losses and increased taxes!

Typical financial planning doesn’t work. While better than nothing, it can give people a false sense of security because it is ultimately based on many half-truths and faulty or unknown assumptions.

Our approach is different, perhaps even revolutionary to some. We call it “Prosperity Economics,” and it’s a model for building safe, sustainable wealth. Prosperity Economics maximizes what you have, minimizes taxes (not just now, but in the future), and keeps more money in your control. It focuses on cash flow rather than accumulation and it protects wealth rather than subjecting it to constant risk.

This questionnaire is designed to:


Help organize your financial information in one location


Identify “no market risk opportunities” within your existing Personal Economic Model where you could use the Financing Strategies we uncover together.


 Help find lazy or unproductive assets, to avoid taking extra money out of your pocket to fund your system


Uncover opportunities to build greater wealth and stability


Uncover opportunities to build
greater wealth and stability


Demonstrate how to do this without taking additional risks, making changes to your lifestyle, and taking any money out of your pocket (including fees to pay for our services)!

We help business owners, real estate investors, and other entrepreneurial thinkers tailor strategies to their unique situation. We help families implement strategies for generational wealth and help investors diversify assets. We can assist in tax reduction and legacy planning.

Although we help many accredited investors (and have access to investments for accredited investors only), there are no minimums to work with us—just a capability and willingness to save and/or invest.

Our approach is different,
perhaps even revolutionary to some

We do a lot of things differently. We don’t want to “manage your assets” or use your money to speculate what the market or the economy might do. We want to empower YOU to:

Take back control of your money

10x the interest banks pay!

Take control of your thinking by applying the 7 Principles of Prosperity

Build your net worth in investment vehicles that won’t roller-coaster ride with the market

Discover strategies to “live long and prosper” without ever worrying about running out of money

Establish your financial foundation by storing cash in safe, tax-advantaged vehicles that earn

Grow your cash flow while minimizing associated taxes and fees

We see ourselves as collaborators with our clients. We are big on words and their meaning.
For example the word ‘prosperity’ refers not only to material wealth, it also describes spiritual wealth, emotional wealth, and all types of abundance.

To us, accumulating cash — in an account you can’t touch or are afraid you’ll deplete — isn’t “prosperity”. Prosperity is building predictable, sustainable cash flow so that you can live your life fully without being a slave to the whims of the market.