Its about you

Your financial strategies should be specific to YOU,
YOUR Family, YOUR Business, YOUR Community.

Your financial journey is really about how you progress through the four phases of wealth (the Contribution, Accumulation, Distribution and Transfer phases). While all of these are important, we want to help you understand how critically important both the Accumulation and Distribution phases are and how the rules of each of the four phases will either work for you or, against you.

Our goal is to help you maintain your lifestyle now and in the future by helping you to reduce or eliminate wealth transfers. We do this by taking a look at how you buy, how you save, what you can expect in return, and to help you bring dollars you are giving away back to the table to reuse now and/or in the future, something you won’t learn from your banker, your CPA, or your investment advisor.

In short, our goal is to put money in your pocket.

Simply put our goal is to show you how you can have more benefits with less risk, give you more options and control than you currently are taking and for most people we can do that without taking any money out of your pocket. Simply by helping your rearrange where and how you are saving for the future, we can give you more benefit with less risk and probably save you a bucket load of taxes now and in retirement. In short, our goal is to put money in your pocket.

Here’s why people work with us:

In Your Accumulation Years:

  • Fun and Reduce your debt
  • Maximize your cash flow
  • Access your retirement funds for unexpected events
  • Introduce you to the “Greatest Tax Benefits available Today”
  • Introduce you to more efficient ways of making capital purchases such as cars, college, homes, etc.
  • Make you less dependent on the markets (Real Estate, Stock, Cryptocurrency, etc.)
  • Reduce or eliminate market risk
  • Increase your LUCK factor
  • Protect your income now and in retirement
  • Learn to benefit from understanding your HLV and LOC
  • Give you privileged access to “The World’s Greatest and Safest Investments”
  • Allow you to fund your business development and expansion with funds you can later use in retirement
  • Allow your children to qualify for more student financial aid

In Your Distribution Years:

  • Give you 25-40% more income in Retirement, or
  • Show you how to retire 25-40% sooner
  • Maximize your tax-free retirement income
  • Make ALL your investment’s more efficient and productive
  • Create retirement income that you cannot outlive
  • Potentially eliminate taxes on your Social Security income
  • Maximize your pension income
  • Reduce required minimum distributions
  • Create a legacy for your family, far beyond what is possible with qualified plans
  • Allow you to spend your death benefit of permanent insurance policies while you are alive
  • Overcoming the Dreaded “Sequence of Returns Risk” of Market Based Investments
  • Increase the income generated by your current investment 25%, or more (by using a formula perfected by the University of San Francisco School of Business