About us

Jim Kindred


whilAs a former  Educator, Human Resource Manager, and Small Business Development Consultant, as well as a business owner himself, Kindred immediately grasped the power of Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)™.  He implemented it first in his own life, then in the lives of his family and in the lives of his clients. 

As one of the earliest adopter of the concept, Kindred has been helping individuals, small business owners and Real Estate investors apply the power of looking at their financial lives the way a banker does.  He soon realized bankers take almost zero risk through collateralized lending, and do no not invest in any of the markets… while  earning far more than investors do, using Other People’s Money (OPM), and they make money in good times as well as bad.

He now knows the strategies made possible through IBC provide access to the most powerful financial concepts available; especially for America’s beleaguered small business owners who would rather invest in their own businesses than risking their wealth in highly volatile Roller Coaster markets they neither own nor control.

With a background in small business development, Real Estate, and the non-profit world, Kindred can provide a holistic approach to wealth creation, management and use that can limit taxation now, and in retirement.

We challenge the status quo because it must be challenged! We do not follow the outdated, outmoded, and obsolete conventional financial model that espouses investing in large corporations and in investment companies is the best way to create wealth.

The government promoted retirement models of trapping assests for years, postponing taxes to an unknown time with an unknown tax rate until near retirement needs to be challenged.

Kristi Osmond


Kristi is Jim’s daughter and most would say she’s a chip off the ole block, or better yet, she’s Jim 2.0.  Raised by parents who were always investing in Real Estate, she grew up thinking Real Estate (with it’s residual income) was the best way to create lasting wealth.

As a young adult she ran a financial services business, got her Real Estate license, spent a small fortune taking classes and signing up with gurus to learn Real Estate investing tips.  As a result she met probably the most talented and creative Real Estate mogul who personally mentored her and groomed her to help him evaluate thousands of deals, while cherry picking deals to partner on.  She also taught Realtors to find deals for themselves and to “be their own best client” working with Realtors and those in the Real Estate indusrty from the west coast to the east.  in short, she learned to recognize and evalute deals and knows a good deal whien she sees it. 

She enjoys helping businesses, individuals, and Real Estate investors to recognize and unlock the power of their personalizing strategies to grow and multiply each client’s assets, without requiring participation in the markets. She loves empowering individuals, families and businesses with creative, unique outside-the-box ideas and designs.

All of her past experience has uniquely qualifed and prepared her to better work with Replace Your Banker™ clients.  She has been personally implementing these strategies in her own life since 2003 and enjoys learning new ways to make plans even better!

She loves and accepts the challenge taught by Nelson Nash to eplore “how can we make it better?”.